About Us

Welcome to GRAMIL.

A Brazilian leading company in the stone industry.


Starting more than 30 years ago with only one quarry, Gramil has rapidly become a leading company in the stone industry.
Located in an area of approximately 538.000 sqf, in the city of Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, Gramil has one of the most comprehensive industrial sites in Brazil and even comparable to the largest companies in the world.
Because of its constant investments in technology, Gramil is able to produce more than 270.000 sqf of polished slabs and 100.000 sqf of cut-to-size tiles and countertops. Our state-of-the-art equipment, imported from Italy, gives us the ability to manufacture slabs, tiles and other cut-to-size products faster and with excellent quality, ensuring our clients total satisfaction.
In order to keep updated to the constant changes in the stone business, Gramil spends great effort to include new colors and patterns to its line of product. We are constantly investing in new quarries, offering our clients a greater variety of quartzites, granites and marbles.

We offer more than 50 different materials, 16 of which are extracted from our own quarries.

Despite the quality of our products being very important to us, Gramil considers information, excellence in service, and agile response to be also determinant in assisting our clients needs. For this, our company has invested heavily in the qualification of its employees in order to offer not only a great product, but also excellent customer service.